About Tom Mans

Personal Trainer and boxing coach based in London, with over 10 years experience working in the fitness industry and elite level sport. Graduated from University of Exeter with BSc (Hons) in Exercise and Sports Science. My clientele consists of both men and women who are successful professionals including lawyers, CEOs, MDs, radio and TV presenters, accountants, working parents and business owners. My clients rely on me to help them with their everyday fitness, gaining a healthy work life balance and lifestyle whilst enjoying themselves. As a coach I am honest, personable and always committed to my clients. The training is designed for you and your personal goals only. I use scientific knowledge, research and continual education to underpin the approach I take and training I do with my clients. I AM HERE TO HELP YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY TO A FIT AND HEALTHY LIFE.


Based at E by Equinox, St James, London. Top Tier X coaching with a focus on movement, nutrition and regeneration.

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Boxing Training

Boxing is a great form of cardiovascular fitness for stress management and fat loss. If you want like to learn to box, boxing training can be incorporated into your Personal Training sessions.

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Online Coaching

My Online Coaching programme is designed for men and women who are looking for guidance and programming for Strength and powerlifting training, Sports performance/strength & conditioning & Endurance events preparation.

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