5 Tips For Staying In Shape Whilst On Holiday

I’m not going to tell you not to eat and drink what you want, as that would be hypocritical of me. We’re all human and I also like to indulge on holiday and holidays are all about having fun (but it’s always good to enjoy these guilty pleasures in moderation). Instead I’ve listed 5 tips that will help you maintain your fitness and make sure you don’t feel too out of shape when you return.

  1. Play Sport and be active

Sport for most people is enjoyable and fun. Being holiday is a good opportunity to play sports you would not have time to do back at home. Play some tennis, volleyball, golf, swim, hire out a pedalo, kayak or paddle board for the afternoon. You’ll still have time to sunbathe, but if you spend 30min – 1 hour every day being active you will burn a lot more calories. This will also leave some room for extra calories in the evening (if you choose) while not going into a calorie excess.

Paddle board


  1. Use Resistant Exercise Bands 

Resistant bands can be attached to posts, doors or even your partner. The bands enable you to perform more exercises with more variety while on holiday, instead of doing your standard press up, sit up routine. Check out this amazing cable workout here, and use resistant bands instead of the cable.

  1.  Take Multi vitamins

While on holiday you are most likely going to over indulge with food and booze and sometimes it’s easy to forget about eating enough fruit and veg in the day. Taking multivitamins with you is one way to keep your vitamin and mineral levels high. Which will keep your immune system in good order so you don’t pick up a cold or a bug while away.

  1. Buy a Fitness tracker

A good way to ensure you don’t put on too much weight whilst away is to buy a fitness tracker. You will be able to monitor how many steps you do (try and aim for 10,000 a day!) and calories you burn each day. This will make you more aware of how active you are and may even bring out the competitive side in you when you realise you need to do another 500 steps to reach 10,000. It may also mean you’ll be more likely to go for a 30min walk/run each day instead of spending an extra 30 mins sunbathing or in bed. This will make a big difference to staying trim on holiday.

  1. Have Fun and Relax

And finally make sure you have fun and give yourself time to relax while on holiday. Most people live stressful life’s at a 100mph. You need to enjoy your time off to let your mind rest. Walk, run, meditate, swim, do whatever allows your mind to relax. If you’re constantly worrying and feeling stressed on holiday you will not feel mentally refreshed when you return.


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