Personal Training

I have trained with Tom for over 3 years and in the last year very intensively at least 3 times a week. From the start of this year I set specific goals about weight and fat loss as well as strength development and Tom has helped me reach them through diet changes and strength training. Tom’s design of my workout program has helped rehabilitate my injuries as well as strengthen them. I cannot express strongly enough that Tom’s approach has made me much fitter and stronger and kept those injuries from recurring.

He’s motivating and encouraging when helping me set my own goals and I’ve become able to train consistently on my own when away from London. In the past this is something that I have always struggled with. This is such a gift for anyone.

Elizabeth Aitken 

The antithesis of the stereotypical loud and brash PT, Tom is totally reliable and consistent.  And utterly brilliant. Furthermore,  he always delivers against a well considered and balanced plan which is focused on delivering goals drawn from a combination of my own objectives and development areas that can only be identified by a true expert like Tom.  Finally, he has both deep technical knowledge and seemingly endless patience in applying it.

Andrew Howe – Commercial Director at Sopra Steria


He is that rare animal that is both thoughtful and considered in designing an individual and tailored programme but also precise and deliberate in the execution.  Theory aside, it is the results that matter and anyone who trains with him will make untold progress.  It will of course be hard work, but Tom is right by you every step of the way.

Nick Pont – Investment Professional


I’ve grown stronger and fitter, and always enjoyed training with Tom.  Additionally, his previous experience with rehabilitation of soldiers and sports injuries is invaluable for pushing one’s limits without any danger of injury.  Moreover, he shares his extensive technical knowledge about the body as we train, and has made me able to achieve much more by my understanding the background to the exercises.

Nils Wager – Property Developer

Online Strength Coaching

I’ve now been training under Tom’s guidance for 8 months, since then I have lost 5% of body fat, put on muscle and got a lot stronger and now look forward to every session. The programs are designed specifically for my goals and to the equipment in my gym. I have also been able to accelerate my training by seeing Tom once a month a for session. Tom’s brilliant and patient attention to detail has meant my technique with my lifts is spot on and I can now bench press pain-free. If your goal is to get lean, gain muscle and/or get stronger, Tom is your go to man.



Tom is one of a few outstanding coaches who clearly puts his clients goals and needs first. I used to be very active and a keen sportsman as a student and at school. But since working in an desk job for the last 6 years I’ve become less active, put on weight and have started to get lower back pain. I’ve only had Tom as a coach for 4 months but I’ve already lost 6kgs, and rarely have had any back pain if any at all. Tom has set realistic and attainable goals with my nutrition and workouts. As long as you’re prepared to consistently work hard, Tom will definitely be able to help you get leaner and stronger.



 Corporate Combat Classes

Tom is a great instructor – he manages to cater to several ability/experience levels in each class without anyone feeling they are being held back or pushed too hard. Every class is a great work out and it is amazing how much your fitness improves and how quickly! A great mix of boxing technique and fitness work which Tom ensures is fun as well as hard work! It’s worth every penny and we can’t wait to get started again after Christmas!

Alex Aldhous – Angela Mortimer


I have found boxing classes inspirational, motivating and exciting. It made me confident and increased my physical ability. Tom has been a great and experienced trainer who always keeps you on your toes and push you every week to achieve more. Great motivator and planned the classes well that suited every team member of the group.

Nahid Yasin – Cumberland Hotel, W1U